Biden Family ROCKED By Judge’s Harsh Ruling!

( – After Hunter Biden denied that he was the father of Navy Joan Roberts, who is now four years old and whom he had with Lunden Roberts, he became involved in a number of legal disputes. These disputes stemmed from the fact that Navy Joan Roberts was the disputed child that Biden had with Lunden Roberts. Clint Lancaster, who represents Lunden Roberts, said that the defendant has never indicated that he is interested in visiting his daughter. Clint Lancaster is representing Lunden Roberts in this case.

Judge Holly Meyer, of Independence County Circuit, has said that, beginning immediately, she requires the presence of the clients of both attorneys at all court hearings that she presides over.

Because the clients’ absence is slowing down the process of the litigation, she will cease to consent to the court excusing them from appearing in court. She stated that the process is taking too much time to resolve such straightforward issues.

The decision was made when Biden’s attorney, Brent Langdon, in the paternity dispute informed her that a computer laptop affiliated with his client remained in a repair shop.

Roberts and Biden had come to a settlement by the year 2020, when a paternity test revealed that Biden was indeed the biological father of the child. The request for renaming Navy Joan Roberts’s name from Roberts to Biden was submitted by her solicitors in December. They said that the name “Biden” is now associated with being politically influential, powerful, financially astute, and highly educated.

The lawyers representing Biden have submitted a reply in which they seek evidence to demonstrate why the surname “Biden” would be appealing to the youngster.

President Joe Biden hasn’t acknowledged that Navy Joan Roberts is his granddaughter. First lady Jill Biden and he have hung stockings for Christmas at the White House for the last two years for their grandkids; however, they have neglected to hang one for her.

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