Biden Falsely Claims He Taught Political Theory At University of Pennsylvania

( – President Joe Biden was slammed by the public on social media after falsely claiming he once taught “political theory” at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania.

The president was accused by critics of inventing a “pretend life” in his head after Biden’s latest claim. Although Biden was made an honorary professor at the University of Pennsylvania recently, there’s no evidence that the president ever taught any classes there.

In a speech about economics delivered in Maryland at Prince George Community College last Thursday, the 80-year-old commander-in-chief said that “democracy is at stake” and “under attack.” He said it must be fought for and then claimed he taught “for four years” at the university about “political theory” and that he always heard “every generation” must “fight for democracy.”

Social media quickly criticized the president’s claims, accusing Biden of making it up. One conservative commentator, Greg Price, shared the video clip of Biden’s remarks and said, “He never taught a single class at UPenn.” Another responded by mocking Biden, saying the president’s “pretend life” seemed “fun and interesting.” Others pointed out the double standard of how Democrats reacted to New York GOP Rep. George Santos’s history of fabricating biographical details as compared to Biden. Erielle Davidson, another conservative commentator, accused everyone of screaming over Santos while acting like it’s “fine” when “Biden does it.”

There’s growing concern about the president’s mental capabilities, and some are speculating he could be showing signs of dementia, and rather than lying, Biden may believe what he says or simply fail to explain it correctly.

As an honorary professor, Biden gave occasional lectures and talks on campus. Although it’s uncertain, he may have worded his descriptions of these brief guest appearances and his experiences in a way that made it seem like he was claiming to have taught an entire semester of courses.

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