Biden Makes INSANE Claim About Republicans – Is He Serious?

( – Twitter struck back at President Biden. On March 25, he made the assertion that MAGA Republicans intended to reduce border security funding.

After almost two years as president, Biden remarked in December that there were “more important things going on” than visiting the border with Mexico.

In January, after receiving severe condemnation for not going to the border, where unlawful immigrants by the thousands cross into the United States every day without being caught, Biden made a quick trip to El Paso.

Almost 900 pounds of the drug, fentanyl, might enter the nation if MAGA Republicans in the House proposed bills to reduce funds for security for the border, the president tweeted. To better protect the border, we must invest more resources, not less.

On March 9, President Biden unveiled his spending proposal, and although Republicans have yet to unveil their own plan, Biden has already attacked one from the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

President Biden claimed in a tweet that MAGA Republicans had proposed drastic budget cuts that would defund almost 2,000 officers of the border patrol, making it harder to battle drug trafficking. He said that his proposed budget maintains safe borders while providing more legal options for asylum seekers.

Twitter users and Republicans were eager to respond to the message, with the president receiving considerably more hostile reactions than retweets and likes.

In the current fiscal year, which started in October, amid ongoing worries about the deadly narcotic entering the U.S., Border Patrol officers confiscated in excess of 800 pounds of the drug between entry ports.

Earlier in March, the chief of the United States Border Patrol informed legislators that they don’t have operational custody of the southern border of the United States, and that migration numbers are at dangerous levels in certain regions. This week, it was reported that the Border Patrol has already met one million migrants for the fiscal year 2023.

Arizona Republican Representative Andy Biggs called Biden’s remark completely false in a tweet. Biden proposes eliminating billions of dollars from border security and ICE in 2024.

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