Biden Agenda CRUSHED – Dems Join GOP For The Kill!

( – The House approved two bills that would deny separate regulatory bodies the authority to either completely prohibit gas stoves or restrict some aspects of them.

On Tuesday, June 13, 249 House members, including 29 Democrats, voted in support of H.R. 1615. It prevents the federal government from using tax dollars to implement a ban on gas stoves by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The House approved H.R. 1640 on June 14 to prevent the Energy Department (DOE) from imposing efficiency regulations on gas stoves.

The two measures that passed resemble each other except one would prevent the CPSC from controlling or possibly banning gas stoves. The other would restrict DOE from setting efficiency criteria for gas stoves. Both laws aim to stop Biden’s administration from issuing rules that would give federal agencies the authority to outright prohibit or limit gas stoves.

CPSC legislation is sponsored by Republican North Dakota Representative Kelly Armstrong. Although the CPSC hasn’t actively pursued legislation to prohibit gas stoves on a national level, the commission’s head  issued a broad threat in January.

Republican Arizona Representative Debbie Lasko, who introduced the DOE legislation, criticized the administration for being out of step with American citizens. People reject their government removing the options they have come to rely on in their gas stoves she said, US government is not responsible for this kind of oversight.

Lasko said the DOE revised its assessment after hearing feedback on their proposal. Now they say approximately half of gas stoves will be compliant with their standard. It indicates that more than half won’t. That means they’ll have to outlaw 50% of gas stoves.

The DOE regulation does not prohibit gas stoves, according to Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ). The White House also argued that the bill would make it harder for the CPSC to make decisions based on science. It also prevents commonsense measures to help Americans save money on energy costs.

Lasko said customers have little interest in saving 12 cents a month by waiting at least 7 minutes to see water boil.

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