Biden Admin STUMPED – China Issue BITES Them!

( – On June 22, at the White House, a reporter yelled out a question regarding Secretary Antony Blinken’s recent trip to China, prompting Blinken to quickly escape the press crowd.

On June 19, Blinken and President Xi Jinping of China met in an effort to mend faltering ties between China and the US. On the same day, Blinken received criticism for telling reporters that the US doesn’t support Taiwan’s independence. Many others said that Blinken’s comments made the US seem weak in the face of its most dangerous enemy.

On June 22, Blinken and his wife attended a state banquet for Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. Blinken was seen on camera entering the scene with his wife, Evan Ryan. The two paused for photographs when a reporter yelled something about China. Blinken said goodbye to the waiting journalists and hurried toward the White House door.

The Trump administration’s former State Department spokeswoman, Morgan Otagus, stated that Biden’s administration is behaving desperately. He said the administration is more eager to communicate than China is at the moment and that it was humiliating for the U.S. to beg for contact.

Because the CCP only respects power, Michael Sobolik, Senior Fellow of the American Foreign Policy Council, stated that appealing to universal logic is futile.

Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) tweeted that Blinken had been to Communist China to satisfy Xi Jinping and make it clear that Biden’s administration is opposed to Taiwan’s independence. She questioned the administration’s lack of courage in the face of threats to freedom.

Then, on June 22, President Biden dubbed Xi Jinping a tyrant, which may have weakened Blinken’s credibility. However, he did offer cautious hope for future ties between the US and China. Reporters asked Biden about the state of the relationship with China, and he said he believes the panic is waning. There was a misunderstanding, he added, because of an event in February.

President Biden also said that Secretary Blinken’s trip to China was a success. He anticipates a future meeting between himself and President Xi.

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