Bannon Doubles Down – McCarthy DOOMED?

( – On May 30, Steve Bannon had a conversation with Representative Dan Bishop, a conservative Republican from North Carolina and an active member of the ‘House Freedom Caucus.’ The topic of discussion was Kevin McCarthy’s, California’s Representative and Speaker of the House, compromise measure to increase the debt limit, which Bishop was adamantly opposed to.

An agreement was made between President Joe Biden and the leadership of the House to raise the military budget and delay the implementation of the debt limit until 2025. The agreement would cut the billions of dollars that Congress had earmarked for the IRS, along with requiring adults to work in order to get food stamps by the year 2025.

Bannon said the Democrats would be up in arms about how barbaric we are if this plan was really trying to preserve our economy. Instead, all you hear from the corporate media is that Kevin McCarthy is a grownup, a leader, and a responsible person. Bannon then inquired as to Bishop’s interpretation of their response.

Bishop responded, “barely concealed glee.” Even Biden said that gloating wouldn’t get him any votes from the Republicans. This is a total surrender of the dynamic established in January, when Republicans promised to unite around a few concrete goals and fight to the finish line for their implementation. Kevin McCarthy is weakening the Republican Party and himself.

He went on to explain that this was a big deal because it meant the current Congress and the way Washington operates were rejecting the idea of a new dynamic. He is tired of the falsehoods and cowardice that have led to the United States’ multitrillion-dollar debt.

Many Republicans approved of the deal, but McCarthy’s former foes in the House Freedom Caucus have started to threaten to present a motion that would require a new vote for the speakership. It only takes a motion from a single member to force a vote, according to the speakership deal they made with McCarthy.

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