At Least 17 Migrants Killed After Boat Capsizes

At Least 17 Migrants Killed After Boat Capsizes

Boating DISASTER — At Least 17 People Dead

( – In 2021, Haiti’s president was murdered while he slept. The country, which was already in the midst of a crisis, was thrown into further unrest. A group of migrants recently tried to flee the chaos, and it led to a horrible tragedy.

On Sunday, July 24, about 60 Haitians boarded a speedboat and fled across the sea. The ship capsized in the Bahamas, causing at least 17 people to lose their lives. The Royal Bahamas Defense Force arrived on the scene of the accident after 1:30 a.m. and began searching for survivors. First responders rescued 25 migrants. Crews continued looking for victims in the days after.

During a press conference, Bahamian Prime Minister Philip Davis told reporters the smuggling vessel was headed to Miami, Florida.

Bahamian Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander said two suspected smugglers were taken into custody, according to ABC News. The government “strongly condemn[ed] the organization of smuggling operations” that put lives in danger.

The American Dream has always been attractive to others around the world, especially when their own countries are facing such upheaval. That seems to be what is happening now with Haitians. The US has been fighting an illegal migration crisis since President Joe Biden took office and rolled back many of the strictest policies.

Do you think the president’s lax immigration policies are contributing to the unnecessary risks people are taking?

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