America Needs to Step Up to Keep Up With China Report Claims

America Needs to Step Up to Keep Up With China Report Claims

Group Sounds The Alarm On U.S. War Preparedness Against China

( – The Chinese government is investing heavily in its military, especially the technological side. The communist nation understands it’s the future of war and so does the US Pentagon. However, a new report outlined the importance of America investing in tech to keep up with China.

According to Govini’s National Security Scorecard: Critical Technologies Edition, the Russian war on Ukraine has demonstrated the future of warfare lies in technological advances like artificial intelligence. Although the US has almost doubled its investment in tech from fiscal 2017 when it spent $60.7 billion to 2021 when it rose to $117.2 billion, most of it was spent on COVID-19 research. The techno-military funding still isn’t where it needs to be and as a result, the US hasn’t kept pace.

Govini evaluated the federal government’s performance to create a path forward for future investments. Defense News reported Govini CEO Tara Murphy Dougherty said the Department of Defense needs to diversify the companies it’s working with aside from the usual contractors. She explained “venture capitalists and innovative technology companies” want to continue working with the Pentagon. She said the government needs to stop investing in efforts not likely to pan out and reinforce successes. That’s the way the country will keep pace with China.

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