Amazon Settles With Influencers Who Sold Counterfeit Goods

Amazon Settles With Influencers Who Sold Counterfeit Goods

( – In 2020, Amazon filed lawsuits against social media influencers for allegedly promoting luxury counterfeit products and then using its platform to fill those orders. Now, the company has reached a settlement with the internet celebrities.

Amazon announced it had reached a settlement with Kelly Fitzpatrick and Sabrina Kelly-Krejci on September 30. The two reportedly promoted the counterfeit goods on their TikTok and Instagram platforms. They’re now banned from marketing, promoting, selling, advertising or linking to any product on Amazon. The financial terms of the settlement were not released to the press.

Amazon’s platform hosts millions of third-party sellers who account for more than half of the sales on the website, according to CNBC. The issue of counterfeit products, expired goods, and unsafe products is a major problem on the site because of the huge number of third-party sellers.

Amazon isn’t able to properly police its platform to ensure quality goods are being sold to consumers; however, it’s tried. It now has its Counterfeit Crime Unit, which is composed of former federal prosecutors, data specialists and analysts.

The lawsuits against Kelly-Krejci and Fitzpatrick are one of many the company has filed in recent years. According to the company, it will donate the settlement money to charity.

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