Airbnb Permanently Bans Parties

Airbnb Permanently Bans Parties

Airbnb Implements Additional Bans — Here’s What’s Going On The Blacklist

( – Airbnb has received a lot of criticism over the years for parties that have taken place at the homes on the platform. In 2020, the company temporarily banned large parties on its properties due to the pandemic. Now, it has made the ban permanent.

In a statement on June 28, the company announced it was codifying the prohibition of parties as part of its policy. Airbnb explained that it believes the communities where its properties are located are “as important as the Hosts and guests” using the platform. Over the years, the home-sharing giant explained that it had taken steps to tighten restrictions on parties after neighbors complained. Those changes included launching a Neighborhood Support Line where people could report nuisances.

When the pandemic struck, the statement said the company banned the large gatherings for public health reasons but over time the policy became “a bedrock community [measure] to support” neighbors and homeowners.

Generally, the platform has a 16-person cap on houses, but the statement revealed it will be lifted for certain types of homes like castles and vineyards. However, guests will face “serious consequences” if they try to break the rule about large parties, including being banned from the service. According to the company’s data, 6,600 guests were suspended in 2021 for ignoring the guidelines. Moving forward, neighbors are still encouraged to report disruptive gatherings.

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