ActBlue’s Non-Democratic Star – Sinema’s $1.6M Journey!

( – Despite leaving the Democratic Party, Independent Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is still fundraising using ActBlue.

During the second quarter of 2023, Sinema raised $816,000 in donations through ActBlue, which is fundraising software for Democrats. Financial disclosures show that the software allowed her to raise $270,000 for a 2024 reelection campaign as well as $545,000 for her joint fundraising committee during April and June. Her PAC, Getting Stuff Done, also raised money on ActBlue from April to June. Sinema has not yet announced that she is running for reelection.

Financial disclosures for the first quarter show that Sinema raised $1.3 million through ActBlue.

Financial disclosures for the second quarter show Sinema has raised a total of $1.6 million, ending the second quarter with $10.7 million in cash on hand.

Sinema’s website directs donors to Anedot, a payment processor used by both Independents and Republicans, and Democracy Engine, which is run by ActBlue’s former CEO Jonathan Zucker.

According to her campaign as well as the Sinema Leadership Fund, she has paid merchant fees to ActBlue for $39,100, Democracy Engine for $10,300, and Anedot for $2,800. Financial disclosures show she is using Fulkerson Kennedy & Co. for consulting on fundraising.

A senior adviser for the PAC supporting Senate candidate Rep. Ruben Gallego, Replace Sinema, stated that Sinema should not be allowed to use ActBlue as she is not a Democrat.

However, Sinema is not the only Independent to use the software. Since 2012, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as well as Maine Sen. Angus King have both used the software for large donations, according to financial disclosures.

While ActBlue policy says it is for Democrats and progressives, it also states that third-party candidates that have a record of caucusing with the Democrats can use the software. However, if they are running against a candidate who is a Democrat, then they are barred from using the software.

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