Accused Serial Killer Now Facing Divorce

( – Accused of being the perpetrator behind the Gilgo Beach killings in New York, Rex Heuermann now finds himself facing charges for three of the homicides and is expected to be implicated in a fourth. Adding to his woes, his wife has decided to end their marriage while he awaits his impending verdict.

Asa Ellerup, Heuermann’s wife, officially filed for divorce in the Supreme Court of Suffolk County on July 19. The divorce process is predicted to progress without contention. The pair reportedly exchanged vows back in April 1996. Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison has voiced his belief that Ellerup was in the dark about her husband’s alleged heinous acts, expressing her profound shock upon being notified by law enforcement.

Heuermann stands accused of the brutal killings of Amber Costello, Megan Waterman, and Melissa Barthelemy. He’s also considered the primary suspect in the murder case of Maureen Brainard-Barnes. Strikingly, Ellerup’s hair was discovered on three separate victims. One such hair was found on the tape used to restrain Waterman’s corpse, another was located on the belt utilized to bind Brainard-Barnes’ legs, and a third was located on the tape found on Costello’s body. The prevailing hypothesis suggests that these hairs may have adhered to the suspect’s clothes before being transferred to the victims. A DNA test conducted on the hair samples successfully matched them to Ellerup, who had been unaware.

According to Commissioner Harrison, following Heuermann’s apprehension, Ellerup and their two adult offspring have taken temporary residence in a hotel. They have reportedly been compliant with law enforcement during the ongoing investigation.

The New York Post divulged that police unearthed a soundproof chamber within the basement of the alleged killer’s dwelling. A former colleague of Heuermann, an architect by profession, alleged that he had constructed a concrete vault within his abode, fortified by walls two to three feet thick. Authorities are currently probing whether he may have committed one or more murders within the confines of his home.

The residence of the alleged murderer is being extensively searched by law enforcement in an attempt to gather further evidence linking him to the gruesome crimes. Canine units trained to locate deceased human bodies have even been enlisted to scour the property’s backyard. As of now, police have remained tight-lipped about any discoveries made at the residence.

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